Start-up in need of a brand and brand awareness? Established brand with brand restrictions? Your brand is our business. We not only help build and grow your brand identity; we propel awareness of your products and offerings.

Impacting brands locally and internationally.

Your brand is the window to your business. An effective brand will give your business a significant advantange in today’s highly competitive market. We value our clients' creative identities; and work closely with their teams to bring truly extraordinary experiences and products to the trade.


Brand Identiy

Consumers are being exposed to more brands today than ever before, but only a select few are truly remembered: the brands that tell a unique story, the brands broadcasting their values and the brands that stand for something.

It is a daunting challenge to accurately symbolise what your brand stands for. Through implementation of sound strategy backed by high-quality reseach and by working hand-in-hand with our clients; our design masters bring to life the true identity of your company through a brand that will leave a lasting impression.


Brand Strategy

DIGITAL - it has revolutionised the way we interact and communicate. Social, mobile, and next-gen innovations have enabled businesses of all sizes to share their stories – but is your narrative getting lost in the traffic and buried under all the noise?

Be heard. Stand out. Rise above the rest. Understand and communicate your company values. Accomplished brands have a strong relationship with their audience. The road to brand success is paved with strategic clarity, a focus on authentic connection and a lot of personality. At Mashlab we have in-depth knowledge of how companies reach the pinnacle of brand loyalty within the digital industry.


Brand Messaging

Brand messaging: the bow that ties it all together. It is the art of using the right words to inspire, motivate and promote; and the verbal expression of your promise to your customers. Taglines, slogans, elevator pitches or corporate narratives - the language and phrasing really do say it all.

Consistent brand messaging is the key to brand loyalty. A message that reflects your company values & principles and connects with the consumer on an emotional level is an absolute necessity for any brand. Mashlab's crackerjack composers will craft the perfect message aimed at your target audience.



The magic of printed material is often forgotten and seldomly utilized. Brochures are tangible reminders of you and your brand. Whether matt or glossy, monochrome or bursting with colour, a brochure is a perfect way to leave your mark following a brief introduction, meeting, networking event or other occasion. A brochure generally sets out detailed information about the services you have to offer.

By strategically making brochures available to your target audience, they can be a very powerful marketing tool. A brochure must do your brand justice. It must be eye-catching, interesting and memorable; and designed to captivate the reader from beginning to end.



Mashlab's presentation architects combine an array of ideas, words and images into a story. A presentation is so much more than just a set of slides, it is a visual tool to persuade the audience to buy into your brand.

Numbers, lists and facts merely inform. A powerful presentation enlightens. It is not just a report or record, it is a narration so told that the audience cares, and act on, what you are sharing. Let us help you to tell your story.