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Welcome to Mashlab Digital

We offer the best in digital and cutting edge technologies to provide bespoke business solutions via development, digital marketing and multi-channel communications at competitive rates. They say the extra mile ain’t crowded, and we are always willing to go.

We offer our expertise and services to reputable local establishments and some of the largest brands across South Africa. At Mashlab our aim is to provide clients with sustainable business solutions in a digital age. This objective is consistently achieved.

We're a clever bunch – and together with our highly skilled team of creative humans, including a hybrid approach which we've refined over thousands of hours of project work and coffee, we’ve perfected the art of all things digital. With years’ of experience and delivering enterprise grade solutions we not only serve individual clients, but we also offer digital partnerships in order to act as an extension of some of the country’s finest agencies and corporate teams. The evidence is in our work, as our tailored solutions continue to push the boundaries and capabilities of the web. The result - Sustainable growth, increased revenue, satisfied customers and lasting partnerships.

The world of digital business has now become everyone’s business, and we are here to help you grow yours.


Not only do humans process 90% of information visually, but 50% of these individuals say that a website’s design or a company's marketing collateral is the number one criteria in determining the credibility of a business. Luckily for you, our specialised team of in-house designers are on hand to create seamless designs that are functional, beautiful and interactive - capturing the very essence of your brand.

We offer strategic and creative branding solutions. We identify exactly where you need to be seen and put together the most appropriate blend of digital, advertising and marketing expertise.
We are technology agnostic and offer the best in web development solutions. Our team of highly-skilled developers are on hand to create and manage all technical aspects of your web, client and mobile applications – ensuring that it is functional, beautiful and user-friendly. From web content development, coding, account management to support -we have you covered and we are able to create a digital space in which your business can grow.

Not sure where to start? We'll gladly share our expertise and knowledge in order to create a strategy that works for your business. We are always available to provide you with an opportunity to pick our brains as we help you to utilise the wonderful benefits that the online world has to offer. Coffee?

Why Choose Us

We're Creative

Last time we saw the rulebook it was propping open our studio door. We’re not shy to think outside the box, creating ideas that are both unique and effective in helping your brand be bold, unique and engaging.

We're Punctual

Your business is our business and we understand that punctuality forms an integral part of success. We are committed to consistently completing all services in a timely and effective manner. Every time.

We're Quality

We're somewhat obsessed with technology and we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality of work, simply outstanding services and building longterm relationships. Quality and results are our forte.